Hot Air Ballooning in Pench National Park! Are You Kidding Me?

For most of us, the Pench National Park has been a haven for the tigers and that’s what explains the identity of the place. Imagine, however, you experience meeting the tigers with a bird’s eye view? Would you not consider it a unique experience then? So, the next time you are at Pench National Park, get set to explore wildlife in a different way altogether! On a hot air balloon instead!

This is how one man chooses to conquer the world!!!

In the rugged mountains and the wilderness mountains of the ‘Isle of Skye’, one man takes on nature with a simplest of dare-devil. Climbing up a vertical with his mountain bike. Danny Macaskill does it all with such ease and style that it seems as if the bike were a part of his body.


Located just 88 km from Nasik is the lesser known hill station Saputara in Gujarat. Forming a part of the Western ghats, Saputara is at an altitude of about 1000 metres. Scenic landscapes, breathtaking hillocks and rock formations, serene lakes and a soothing weather is all what you need for a summer escapade.The shortest route to the hill station is along SH-17 via Dindori. The route is ideal for a road trip with negligible bad patches on the way.