I have been lucky during my childhood to have stayed close to the nature. This is one of the reasons that my favourite places to venture around are close to where I can get a chance to reconnect with nature. When I was young, I used to venture around the places close to Kolar River, with its perennial waters flooding the area almost every season. The best part of the adventures used to be going with the friends along the river side to take a dip in the shallow waters.

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Hot Air Ballooning in Pench National Park! Are You Kidding Me?
Image Source: Rushfinder

For most of us, the Pench National Park has been a haven for the tigers and that’s what explains its identity. Imagine, however, you experience meeting the tigers with a bird’s-eye view? Would you not consider it a unique experience then? So, the next time you are at Pench National Park, get set to explore wildlife in a different way altogether! On a hot air balloon instead!

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