As a traveler, I have always been intrigued by the sunrises and sunsets of the places I have been to. The natural beauty across India increases even more by its breathtaking sunrises. From hills to beaches to lakes and rivers, India’s glory is added with a spice of magic with the aura of its sunrises. So, the next time you travel across India, do not forget to check out these 7 places with the most breathtaking sunrises that will mesmerize the traveler in you…

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Another most important landmark of the city after the Taj Mahal, the red fort hides many unknown secrets that are little but visible to the laymen eyes. I have been here twice, once in childhood and once last year in October 2014. The walls still stand a tall yet, it is now fighting its age undergoing repairs at some of the places within the structure.

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Taj Mahal

Spent a day travelling around Agra and visiting Taj Mahal trying to recollect the memories of my childhood. I was 10 when I came to Agra to see the Taj for the first time. That’s how I realized for the first time the difference between seeing something in person and reading about the same thing…Continue Reading “Photojourney: A day by the Taj Mahal”