tawang monastery, Recollections of the past

In the land of Lama, don’t be a Gama

                               – On a Milestone while traveling to Tawang

In one of my earlier posts, I spoke about my journey and experiences in Tawang..My trip to the Tawang Monastery was one of the rarest experiences among all. Firstly, it was because it was the first time, i was getting the opportunity to witness the Largest Monastery of India and the Second largest in the world.

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My best travel experiences of life have been the ones I took on the hills.India has a vast treasure of hilly regions along the Himalayas and every journey has been different and memorable.. arunachal pradesh Spent 7 months here..And everyday was remarkable.The sunrises, the waterfalls, the flowers, the clear blue sky, the valleys and the…Continue Reading “Life on the hills!!”