The Nature's Canvas

A six month long journey to Assam has finally come to an end. I have returned with lots of memories, goodwill, and stories. i journeyed through the remote villages, between the lush green fields, sailed on the artistic boats on the Brahmaputra waters and captured some breathtaking landscapes, sunrises and sunsets. Here is a small photo-journey for my readers. These are some of my favourite pictures as I traveled across the entire state. 

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As one ventures North East India on a road trip, the best way to enjoy the breaks in between is to stop at the retail tea outlets. Making a second entry to the tea factories, these retail outlets showcase the tea coming directly out of the tea-factories. Packaged within the factory itself, and available for sale, it is a wonderful opportunity for tea-tours in the state. 

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bull fights

The Bull Fight, bull fights

bull fights13 Kms from Sibsagar town is Simaluguri Station, the gateway to the historic Sibsagar town. What is so historic about Sibsagar? The Ahom dynasty? The architectural buildings, the tea gardens? Well something more!! The ferocious bull fights. Today is Rongali Bihu, the New Year in the state of Assam. The entire state is immersed today in celebrations and this will continue for a month, so I thought this is the ideal time to write this post.

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