international hostelling

Booking a hotel in a peak season can be quite intriguing. You may think that you can save money by booking earlier, that doesn’t work out most of the time. Airfares, on the other hand, might have already shocked you while you start looking for flight deals, and you are on your way to ‘reconsider’ your trip this year. But if you can bring down your stay expenses significantly, then you can reconsider your travel plans without much compromise. International Hostelling can change the way you can plan your budget international trips this year and hereafter. Here’s how International Hostelling is slowly becoming a backpacker’s delight. 

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Holidaying In Goa This Diwali

So, this Diwali, I had looked for some beach destinations to travel, as it had been long that I had headed for the shores. I wanted to decide upon a place where I could find some unexplored beaches and untouched shores. For the starters, when it comes to planning your trip from Central India, connectivity must never be a problem. Wait a minute, did I say never!

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Slim valleys, biting cold and a disturbing air-draft through the funnels!! That describes the treachery of this side of the Himalayan mountains. The valleys are so narrow that the hills on the either side seem to embrace each other. Yet, when the air is still, there is pin drop silence. Only the melting snow making their shrill sound through the passes.

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