Journey to the Door of Heaven: Swarg Ka Dwar

The war of Kurukshetra was over. The near and dear ones lost; sons, brothers, uncles, cousins had all met the aftermath of the bloodiest mythological episode of the earth, Mahabharata. After the war, it was  time of self-assessment for the Pandavas, what they learnt from this war, and was victory really worth it!

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The next morning would take us along the route to Badrinath Shrine. It was cold, yet, the sunrise was clear, and the weather was ideal for the trip.

The Joshimath Sunrise, Badrinath
The Joshimath Sunrise

We started from Joshimath at 08:00 am in the morning. I passed by the known routes, and inside felt happy that my parents had joined me for this wonderful experience.

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