As the first week of January stepped in, every year, I would break open my tin coin box (I hated the word piggy bank) and counted how much I have collected for buying the new set of kites. I had the old ones too. Some kites, I made myself, using the plastic from the package boxes. They used to be rugged, and would sometimes stand the occasional uninvited rainfall too, prevented from getting withered away like paper kites. And did they fly; they flew with enough strength to leave fine lines of cuts on my index finger. Today, when I stop to think about it, I realize how kites shaped the way I dealt with situations in life.

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Tibet Peace Inn

Located on the busy narrow streets of Thamel district, Hotel Tibet Peace Inn initially appears low profile. Through the busy street, it might easily slip the eyes of someone who is here for the first time. My situation was no different. We had arrived at the Tribhuvan International Airport as scheduled where the hotel staff anxiously awaited to receive us. Here’s our stay experience with family with Hotel Tibet Peace Inn, on our trip to Nepal.

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What comes to mind at the first instance when you hear about Canada? Miles of frozen hinterlands? A country covered in white carpets of snow. Wait! Don’t start judging yet. As Canada is not a country you can decide about until it opens up its treasured secrets. One such hidden treasures is the lesser known Alberta, a province in Western Canada characterized by rugged mountains, dense coniferous forests, large collection of lakes and rich mineral deposits. Alberta will present you with a countryside that will change your perception about this Canada, forever!

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Golden Temple

Continuing further into the Art City of Patan, we walked through the traditional handicrafts market of this city. The place reminded me of the Red Fort Market in New Delhi. You find yourself sent back in time, where you relive the old times. What fascinated us the most was to know about Golden Temple, and this was one of the places definitely worth finding out about.

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Driving through the busy streets of Kathmandu today, we crossed over the Bagmati river south of Kathmandu city. Traveling for another 20 minutes, we entered a place that suddenly changed in landscape. For a moment, it felt as if we have moved through a time portal from present to past. What surrounded us was an iconic old city that dated back to 300 A.D. Here’s what we discovered walking through the Art City of Patan.

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