Lesser Traveled Summer Destinations

Summers have stepped in and if you have already started looking out for the next summer destination in India, but not able to find anything other than the usual destinations, its time to get hold of something lesser traveled. This summer, gear up to beat the heat by adding these places to your list of “Lesser Traveled Summer Destinations” in India. 

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I have been lucky during my childhood to have stayed close to the nature. This is one of the reasons that my favourite places to venture around are close to where I can get a chance to reconnect with nature. When I was young, I used to venture around the places close to Kolar River, with its perennial waters flooding the area almost every season. The best part of the adventures used to be going with the friends along the river side to take a dip in the shallow waters.

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Located in the Nandadevi Biosphere Reserve, this scenic location has everything from tropical trees to clear water streams and snow-clad mountains. Niti is the last village of the Chamoli district and is adjoining the Indo-Tibetan Border. As I start from the Joshimath town, the axis towards Tapovan takes me towards the Niti Passes. Due to the popularity of the Badrinath Temple, this route is  a lesser traveled one, and one can only unfold its surprises if one chooses to take the road less traveled.

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Himalayan Encounters

My journey along the Himalayan Mountains of Uttarakhand was the most memorable moments of my life. Close to the raw nature, undisturbed and unhindered, it was an exclusive opportunity to connect with my inner self. Often, on the weekends, it used to be a fantastic break from the schedule with a stroll into the Himalayan wild. And every wanderlust that I took, was an encounter full of surprises. I bring to you some of the birds and animals I have seen from up close in the Nandadevi Biosphere Reserve. Some of them were dangerous, some just left their signs, and some often kept a distance, but each left a lasting impression. So off we go…….

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