Journey to the Door of Heaven: Swarg Ka Dwar

The war of Kurukshetra was over. The near and dear ones lost; sons, brothers, uncles, cousins had all met the aftermath of the bloodiest mythological episode of the earth, Mahabharata. After the war, it was time of self-assessment for the Pandavas, what they learnt from this war, and was victory really worth it!


Located in the Nandadevi Biosphere Reserve, this scenic location has everything from tropical trees to clear water streams and snow-clad mountains. Niti is the last village of the Chamoli district and is adjoining the Indo-Tibetan Border. As I start from the Joshimath town, the axis towards Tapovan takes me towards the Niti Passes. Due to the popularity of the Badrinath Temple, this route is a lesser traveled one, and one can only unfold its surprises if one chooses to take the road less traveled.


The mountains of Uttarakhand are considered to be the newest rock formations, only 6,00,000 years old. Still under formation, the mountains retain the signs of its original existence clearly indicating that the mountains have actually emerged from under the water surface and formed by extreme natural forces in action.