Two months back, I had signed up with the AirBnB program when I learnt about the concept of travel hosting. Little did I know that I would be on my way to the west coast of India exploring how it worked! Instead of planning my trip in a conventional way, as I always did, I chose to book my stay through AirBnB. Here is a short review of my stay experience..

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Walking Through The Colonial Grandeur-Reis Magos Fort

Driving through the narrow lanes of Bardez town,along the Mandovi river, a sharp left turn brought us in front of a palatial Reis Magos fort and church. I glanced up the towering structure in front, as it did not fit my field of view, and out came from my mouth fortuitously Wow!! I moved further ahead to find the pristine Mandovi lake in front, with the sun setting at the horizon. I realized that I had finally reached the fort I was looking for – The Reis Magos Fort. 

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7 Ways Of Surviving The Mumbai Local-A Beginner's Guide

Traveling to Mumbai for the first time might be an overwhelming experience. The infinite people rushing in every direction, traffic jams, vehicles honking horns, pedestrians all over the place, the city buses driving through the narrow lanes and people jutting out of the Mumbai local trains, can drive any first timer into a state of anonymity and confusion, and make exploring Mumbai City an even bigger challenge.  My experience was no different. The Mumbai Local Rail is the best way to brisk through the chaos, and if used correctly, can make your journey here worth an experience. Here’s a quick survival guide to get you past the chaos, quicker and safer…

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Hill slopes covered with tea gardens, smooth curves, clear blue skies, crystal clear waterfalls, and a slight chill in the air, that’s what, makes Munnar an interesting place. In fact, Kerala is the only state in India that has a hill station, backwaters, coastline and jungle all packed into one. And topping up with the sumptuous and mouth watering sea-food. This place can make couples go topsy-turvy, and no wonder, Kerala still happens to be the most preferred honeymoon destinations in India. Here’s how you can make the most of your trip in Kerala.

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