Nature's Fabric

I took this photograph in the backyard of my house, one early morning when I came back from my usual stroll. At the first glance, I thought it might be a silk cocoon, which is awaiting its butterfly phase, but when I looked closely, (and I need you to observe it closely too), I realized the story was different altogether.

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Spent a weekend along the ‘Gorewada Biodiversity Park’.  An 8 Kms. trail developed along the Gorewada Lake, the source of water supply for the Nagpur City, this lake is an abode to hundreds of beautiful birds, some of them migratory. Every morning, avid photographers and health enthusiasts walk the trail to enjoy and get themselves close…Continue Reading “Weekend Photography: An Introduction With the ‘Gorewada Biodiversity Park’”

I have always been fantasized with ‘Sunsets’. This flick is my trip over the Brahmaputra River..I like North-East India for several reasons and one of them is the sunrise and sunset timings. Being the far east corner of the country, the sun is early to bed and early to rise..Often, it is as early as 04:00 in…Continue Reading “NATURAL WORLD”