As one ventures North East India on a road trip, the best way to enjoy the breaks in between is to stop at the retail tea outlets. Making a second entry to the tea factories, these retail outlets showcase the tea coming directly out of the tea-factories. Packaged within the factory itself, and available for sale, it is a wonderful opportunity for tea-tours in the state. 

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Not all Auto-Rickshaw Drivers in India are Inconsiderate

I recently landed back home to Nagpur from Nasik after attending my sister’s marriage. The luggage was colossal and toll- taking for my back. The luggage had been dragged all the way through the journey before they stepped into their home town and awaited to return at the railway station. But there was another angle of the story that was waiting to unfold, and that proved to be harmful, for a moment, of course!!!

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Kannur – Picture Courtesy: The Lone Traveller

It had been a merry-go-round trip for me the whole morning. I was desperately looking for a ride from Kannur to Mysore, but on enquiring from a local, he advised me to go to the Kannur town. However, upon reaching the town, I realized there wont be any bus until afternoon, by which time, I would have lost my flight back to Nagpur. There was no bus until afternoon.

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Episode-1: New Delhi to Haridwar

The Rishikesh, Haridwar and Roorkee form the magic triangle as viewed on the map. There are no trains to Haridwar and the only way to reach here was a road trip. My parents, along with my uncle, aunt and cousins, started on a road trip from New Delhi to come to Haridwar, our first destination of the trip.

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