How My 5 Year Old Daughter Saved the Lives of My Entire FamilyAt 03:00 in the morning on 02 Jun 2015, I got a phone call from my uncle. By the time I could pick up the call, I missed it. There had barely been any signal at the place where I was staying and I was not able to receive any messages since last day. When I opened up my ‘Watsapp’, I got the message from my wife; it was erratically written and it said, “Help, all of us are falling ill in the train”. They were travelling for my sister’s marriage from Nagpur to Nasik on the 01 Jun 2015, and I was supposed to join the family from Kolkata on 03rd. Little did I know that my day on 02 Jun was about to begin with a horrific message.

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Indian travelers

Indian Railways is the heart of the Indian travelers. Everyday, millions of passengers board several trains moving from one destination to other, reaching their passengers on time. With such a big crowd of people come millions of stories and instances. As the crowd travels from one destination to the other, they have to spend time keeping themselves engaged through the journey. Here are 16 common things and habits which can be seen in the Indian travelers along the journey…

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Public Transportation System

My short stint at Singapore would not have been worthy without the presence of a hi-tech communication and transportation system within the country. The country being small, the scope of implementation is high in such a country; however, a similar model can be adopted at the state levels in India.

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