Quirky Experiences

I have experienced this and any traveler like me would agree- when people of two different cultures meet and try to communicate, the moment created is simply priceless! Imagine the moment where you try in desperation to explain the other person when he doesn’t know a thing you are saying! It is between these moments when two cultures struggle to break the communication barrier and try to speak their heart out. Having found myself in such situations several times over, few accounts stay close to my heart.

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Not all Auto-Rickshaw Drivers in India are Inconsiderate

I recently landed back home to Nagpur from Nasik after attending my sister’s marriage. The luggage was colossal and toll- taking for my back. The luggage had been dragged all the way through the journey before they stepped into their home town and awaited to return at the railway station. But there was another angle of the story that was waiting to unfold, and that proved to be harmful, for a moment, of course!!!

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I am not a traveler by choice, but by incidence. My work and my passions have taken me to long distances and though I have not admitted for so long, I do admit here that there was always a longing of being back home, so that I can take my journeys together with the rest of my family. Here are 10  5 life lessons that I have learned over past one and a half decade of my journeys across India.

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