Tales Of 2015- Rewinding An Year Of Worthwhile Journey

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The year 2015 is about to end and it is time to step into the New Year. While there is enthusiasm within, as we enter a new beginning, there is also happiness for completing this year in a worthwhile way, traveling new places, meeting new people and gathering new experiences. Rewinding a year of worthwhile journey…..

Looking Back….

1. Assam, North East India:

The beginning of the year was a journey in to the remotest areas of North East India into newer and more unexplored landscapes. Some of the best sunrises and sunsets that I came across here. Flamboyant people, vibrant colors and vivid tastes, Assam is a place of surprises. I was here to explore the ways how North East India can open new ways and dimensions to Indian tourism. I was able to find some of the most fascinating places across the state. Places that prove that Assam is not only about tea-gardens and Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary, but it also has hues of unspoken and undiscovered art, history, museums, temples, food and traditions.

North East India has a tourism potential that can single-handedly challenge the tourism industry of the rest of India 

I briefly covered the following places during my trip in North East India

  • Sibsagar: The town of Sibsagar is where you find the royal identity of The Ahom Dynasty. The Talatal Ghar takes us into the hallows of a once splendid architecture, when the kings in their olden days used to craft their escape routes from the main city. The Gladiator Bull Fights still form a part of the culture and the Rang Ghar garden can give you a fascinating insight into the otherwise lost culture. 
  • Guwahati: I have seen Guwahati from up close for some time now. The city has created milestones and has phenomenally improved over time. Don’t underestimate the place just because it is separated from the mainstream. In fact, it plays to the advantage of the state. I had been to Kamakhya temple long back, but this time, I wanted to take that much awaited Brahmaputra river Cruise, and it was worth the wait. I also had also missed out the prime heritage of the city, the Guwahati State Museum and the Prashaanti Udyan which I was able to finally cover in this trip. The 11th Street-Cafe` Bistro was a surprise to add.
    Enjoying the Serenity of the Brahmaputra River with Alfresco Park River Cruise
    Sailing from the front

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2. Delhi

Delhi has always been close to my heart for several reasons. The year 2015 was a nostalgic remembrance of the my journey in the capital city. Delhi always has a new way to surprise you no matter how many times you come here. This year, I was in the heart of New Delhi,Connaught Place, reliving the old moments and exploring the new.

Irresistible India – Straight from Austria

The blog had a new guest blogger this year – Bipasha who contributed her experiences about India with an article Irresistible India, featured on the in-flight magazine aboard the Austrian Airliner, that made her recollect her vivid memories and experiences about the country. Her revelations will leave you spell-bound. You can find more of her amazing stories on:-

The Sunny District

3. Nasik

Not all the shades of travel experiences are good, and this year had some bad experiences too. My entire family escaped a disaster on their trip when they got drugged on their train journey to Nasik from Nagpur. Had it not been a 6 seconds Whatsapp message from my 5-year-old daughter Sharbani, it would have been impossible to see them safe again. One way we realized how travel makes kids better was this experience. Had it not been her many journeys since the past 3 yrs, we wouldn’t have ever known about her smartest side.

How My 5-year-old daughter saved the lives of my entire family

4. Saputara, Gujarat

Enchanting Saputara

Just 88 km. from  Nasik, a road trip took us to the off-beat Saputara, to discover a hill-station lesser heard of before. Despite summers, the Saputara Hills was at its pleasant best. With splendid landscapes and clear lake waters, it was a refreshing summer break away from the city life.

Enchanting Saputara

5. Pune

The trip to Pune took us to a spiritual journey to the Dagdusheth Temple and a peek into the Shaniwarwada Temple for a fascinating tour of the fort gardens.

6. Nagpur


Back to my home town Nagpur now, I am exploring the excursions around the city and discovered some of the off-beat places famous only for the local tourists. Central India has immense scope for wild-life excursions, weekend trips and short escapes from the city. I took to Ramtek, the Rama Temple in the historic town constructed atop a small hillock and is a major attraction for the visitors to the district. The Ambala Lake at the foothills of the temple is a great spot for night camping and for some spiritual tour. Take a drive further and you reach Khindsi Lake, to enjoy a boat ride.

Far Away Into The Woods- A Long Drive to Methirji Lake
Methirji Lake

Nagpur has been consistently ranked the most environment friendly city in the past three years. With its teak lined forests in the periphery, the district sports some of the finest water bodies that is ideal for day camping activities. Methirji Lakeforms one such place away from the busy streets far into the woods, a teak wood forest ideal for bird-spotting, photography and nature trails.


And if you are not tired of exploring more, you can drive off-route towards Saoner for the Waki Woods which gives a splendid view of the Kolar Lake, another major river flowing into the city, and the river beds provide ample opportunities to explore camping and hiking. The route to Saoner also takes you to an unexplored campsite – Chakkikhapaan off-beat location into the woods, an ideal place for flower and bird photography.

7. Goa

Goa was a trip that came in Diwali, and took us to various places along Goa to discover opportunities for a budget stay-cation and covered places in both North and South Goa. Goa in the festive season was adventure at its best and I had a fun-family trip here.

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8. Mumbai

The last stint of our journey was in Mumbai, along the massive Gateway of India, which left us with an impression how the capital has recovered from the disastrous 26/11 incident. Though the time has passed, and the city seems back to normal, we being the visitors to Mumbai, could feel from close, as we passed through the same streets, all that the city must have witnessed and been through.

Scintillating Mumbai
Scintillating Mumbai

We passed and survived the busy Mumbai Locals and enjoyed some solitary moments near the Marine Drive. Despite running at a fast pace, Mumbai finds time for leisure within its busy self. No wonder why they say about Mumbai – A city that never sleeps.


As we enter the New Year, there are more remarkable journeys to take, more unknown places to uncover, more new people to meet, more memories to capture and more experiences to take.As we bid goodbye to 2015, we welcome the New Year with a warm embrace, with good wishes for all and happiness for everyone……


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