The Windmills from the Central Indian Countryside

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It seemed like a usual tourist on my road trip to Chikhaldara unless the vehicle took that turn along the road bend. Two giant windmills popped up from nowhere and there was a smile on my face – ‘Yes, I found my Camping Ground’….

Prelude to the Revelation

I took that unusual road trip the other day to Chikhaldara with lot of anticipation about my decision. On the way, I had this dim feeling that there might not be much of camping to do here.

Windmill blades heading somewhere?

As our vehicle passed along the NH-6, I could see some fan blades loaded and transported to a destination unknown. I did not bother about them that much then, as I was more focused on reaching the hills.

Discovering the Windmills

Yes! I found my camping grounds

It was that U-turn that made the day.  From far-off, two giant wind-mills were clearly visible on the horizon, gently rotating and breaking the silhouette, and I said to myself – here’s where the camp will be set up today. Out came from within me – ‘Yes! Finally..

I could recollect instantly about the fan blades I saw en-route and realized where they were going!

It was still a considerable distance to cover, and I was now looking for the directions to connect with the place. I soon found it. As the vehicle further drew closer to the destination, the path became clear. 5 km short of the destination, the hills further extended into a plateau.   A narrow road to the left leading away from the main highway, would lead to the windmills. This is where I would change the course and head for the newly discovered camping grounds.

The Windmills Reveal Themselves

The sub-station , windmills
The sub-station

I could not hold my anxiety to find out how these windmills landed here. Considering the narrow road connectivity, these windmills would have been a challenge to bring up to that point by road network. Also, the uphill climb is quite steep with very less passing places on the way. To climb upstream with such heavy fan blades and installing them at this spot is really a commendable job.

Suzlon Energy Initiative, windmills
Suzlon Energy Initiative

I soon got my answers when I went to the sub-station at the bottom of the windmill. An initiative by Suzlon Energy, these  windmills use green technologies to create a clean energy resource and environment preservation methods for the local population. As of now, two such windmills were functional in the area and two more completely installed and ready for the roll. The other three windmills were on their way to reach here and soon, we would have more windmills here, and more camping spots too!

Preparing for the sunsets
Ready for the sunset

Behind the windmills, the sun prepared to settle down, and the blades seemed to cut through the sun rays coming from behind. I will camp here for the evening until the day starts tomorrow. There is more to explore out there and I will be taking to more places tomorrow, for the hills have a lot of worthwhile secrets to share !!

Until then, its time for me to do some reading while I wait for the next day to arrive. We meet again soon….until more surprises unfold..

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