The Train Journey to Lonavala

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There are certain places in India which you can cherish in its own unique ways and no way else. For example. if you are traveling to Leh, there is no better way to explore it without a road trip. Escape to the desert lands of Rajasthan and you cannot leave out on the desert safaris here. Speaking of getaways to hill stations closer to the city such as Matheran and Lonavala, Hotels in Matheran and Lonavala are available in plenty because of the increased population. There is no better way to explore Lonavala without embarking on the memorable train journey.

The Train to Lonavala


For a moment, you would think of taking a flight directly to Lonavala, but then, you will miss upon a momentous experience, that you can only gather on a train journey from Pune to Lonavala. Instead, it is a good idea to fly in to Pune and take the train journey further from Pune on a train. You might say that the road trip is the best. Yes, that’s true. But, here’s what – your road trip often does not come with the thrill of viewing the vast landscapes sitting at the edge of the train compartment door as it passes slowly over a bridge. (Do you agree?). You also miss out on the many interesting people on the way, whom you might accidentally meet over a train journey.

What Awaits Enroute

Picture Credits: Ramakrishna Reddy Y @Via Flickr

If Kalka-Shimla train journey is the one that takes you through more than a 100 tunnels in a short distance of only 65 km, the train journey to Lonavala also has its own uniqueness. Sometimes, you will pass through small tunnels enroute, often when the train is halfway through a curve; leaving you with goosebumps in the dark. The other times, there will be a sudden splash of water on your window, especially when you will be less prepared for it. When you will try to adjust your head in various angles to check where the splash came from, you will realize that the water from the numerous waterfalls enroute often fell over the train.

If someone were to wave a hand to you from the outside, you will miss out the envious look on his face; Because all the while, he would be imagining himself taking the same train journey as you, through those cascading waterfalls that are pouring from the top.

Best of Lonavala

Stay close to the Nature:-

The view with a Hammock: Picture Credits – Ankur P @Via Flickr

When on a trip to this small town, some of the best Lonavala hotels are the ones that let you stay close to the nature. Lonavala offers spectacular view of the Western ghats from its ridges. You will find yourself surrounded with rare and unprecedented beauty with its iconic blue lakes, historic escapes, panoramic views of the Sahyadris and cascading waterfalls. It is a journey that will bless you with innumerable opportunities for adventure such as camping, hiking, cave dwelling, photography, fort-climbing and lake exploration.

Conquer the arduous Korigad Fort :-

Korigad Fort: Picture Credits – Rohit Gowalkar @Via Flickr

Although Korigad is at a distance of just 24 km from Lonavala town, the pursuit is worth the effort. At a height of 3050 feet, Korigad fort almost stands few  hundred feet from the cloud line. After sweating your way up to the summit, the gentle blow of the winds is a rare reward you can gift yourself with, along with the sense of victory.

Visit the Karla Caves:-

Karla and Bhaje Caves: Picture Credits – Anandakoti Bhikku @Via Flickr

These large dome-shaped caves are among the many historic Buddhist cave sites found in Maharashtra and are as old as 2nd Century B.C. These precisely crafted caves are famous for their Great Chaitya Caves lined with fine rock-sculptures and designs on its walls, pillars and roof.

Camp near the serendipitous Salter Lake:-

Camping at Salter Lake – Picture Credits – Elroy Serrao @Via Flickr

If you are looking for a crystal clear landscape of the natural Lonavala lakes, added with some star gazing in the night and a pinkish morning twilight, then Salter Lake comes with a combination of all these. At the banks of the Salter Lake, the water is so calm that the skyline almost merges with the lake surface.

The Lonavala Chikki:-

Lonavala Chikki: Picture Credits – Divya Kudua @Via Flickr

If you are in Lonavala, your trip misses something if not filled with the sweetness of Lonavala Chikki, a jaggery based sweet which Lonavala is famous for. It will not be unusual to see the small vendors selling varieties of Chikkis that you can rejoice on your trip.

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