Travel Graffitis That Made My Day

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Travel Graffitis That Made My Day

One of the best ways to lighten up during journeys is to witness incidences that have some message to convey; things that only the eyes of a traveler could understand. In the chaos of daily life, there is always a silent message that we often miss out. When we slow down and wait to notice them, is the time we discover the hidden meaning of the simple moments. Here are some Travel Graffitis that made my day while I traveled the countryside.

Travel Graffitis That Made My Day
The Caaaarrrrrr

Car-O-Bar: The first one of them is this one, when I went out to sip tea at the corner shop on an early morning during a two day stay in Kolkata. I still wonder, how the driver made up there with that car. Must be a carrrrrrr indeed..


Face Off: Everyday, these two children sit at the doorsteps of the Shaniwarwada Fort, waiting eagerly for their visitors, to show them the Ram-Lakshman’s act. The shade at the doorsteps do little to save their makeup from the scorching heat as the beads of sweat on their faces  wash off to reveal their true self.  


Salute to Improvisation: Looks like this bike does not need anything to run. Or may be, the owner of this bike loves it too much to let it go. With almost nothing left to stay alive, the bike still continues to run with a small improvised petrol tank on its handle. So, are you ready for a long drive?

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Father of the Nation: The man who led the country single handed, with a will to create a free country. The country is free, thankfully, but are we really free, thinks the Mahatma, at the Crossroads… 


Not again: This little guy has had enough doing the same things several times a day. Today, he is not in a mood to shake his booty anymore, and no matter how much the instructor would coax him with all the fish in that box, he has only one thing to say, “I have to do that again? Neah”!!!

Let’s Play The Game: If the knights, rooks and the pawns are not enough for the game, consider the cows for the same. So, when you plan your next move, be careful how they move, for there is no plan..enjoy the uncertainty…


Last, but not the least, this guy bought out a unique way to sell his authentic ‘chaat’ cuisines. Whatsapp might never have imagined this way of chaating, as for all the foodies out there, get prepared to ‘chaat’  in a new way.

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