How Travel makes you a better person!!

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One of the many reasons that I chose to travel more and more is how it helps to bring out the best of me. It constantly defies my illusion of absolute knowledge by unfolding more of its surprises. No wonder how the sages get their wisdom, for it is through their journeys, they seek to derive the deeper meaning of life. Travel is good, bad and a mix of both, but in the end, it makes you something better than yesterday. Here’s how:-

Travel continuously pushes you out of your comfort zone

Push the limits

Travel has the habit of making you uncomfortable, continuously, and that helps you unknowingly reach the potential you have never aimed before. You suddenly realize you are better than you actually thought, and you can certainly live with more passion and energy.

Everything about a new place makes you uncomfortable at the first instant. Your mind constantly seeks the connections of the comfort zone your body is used to. But, when you start dealing with it, how surprising it is that life slowly melts away the hurdles from your path….

It makes you flexible


The only constant part about travel is the uncertainty. Travel teaches you to embrace this uncertainty with an open heart and mind. It teaches you to surrender to the moment and lets you accept the things as they are. It makes you unprejudiced and helps you to give respect- to other cultures, people, and customs.

It breaks your reluctant self into someone more humble. When you accept such change, you become flexible and adaptive and face the moment with more confidence and vigour.

It makes you Adventurous

TravelNever will your feet tremble as much as when you have to step out all alone to face the frugality of the world. And those who dare to walk alone, through the unknown, unleash the adventurer in themselves. Life unfolds its sweetest mysteries to those who have the courage to take that journey, and stand the anvil of testimony.

Travel makes you adventurous. It makes your heart pound faster than before, with each ‘wow’ that comes out of you as nature reveals its new secrets. It is an achievement unparalleled, an impression more than what a lens can capture. It is a gift that nature reveals exclusively to the courageous ‘you’.


It helps you connect and admire nature’s creations


When you become wiser with your adventures, you tend to slow down, wait and pause for the moment. You learn to understand the importance of now more than any other time. You appreciate the beauty of nature’s creations and stop more often to admire them. You enjoy what nature has given you and even take a step ahead to preserve them. In simple words, you become one with the universe.

Travel definitely changes you for the better, often without your knowledge and consent. That is the beauty of uncertainty. It makes you wiser without any preparation. Those who keep preparing never leave the shores; they just wish they could set everything right before they sail. But those to shun the fear and take the journey, life often sets things right for them….

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Hi, I am Rajat, and I travel. It started as a hobby and soon became an addiction. Now, it is a compulsion. I travel to learn, to explore, to click and to dream. Join my journey as I take you along the roads less ventured.. and create memorable experiences.

3 thoughts on “How Travel makes you a better person!!

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Before, I was a girl who was too picky and I cared too much of sanitation, and I am very careful when talking to people. However, like what you’ve said travel change us without our knowledge and consent. Since, I started backpacking I learned to blend with people and children I met along the way. I learned to eat with the locals, and I learned to sleep on my wet tent. LOL. And I noticed I became more carefree and it widen my perspective in life. I learned to love and appreciate the nature more etc…. Moral of the story.. travel change me.

    1. Hello Musafers, thanks for dropping by.. Yes, indeed, travel changes you for the good, as it puts your wits to test all the time.. My girl (now 6 years) started boarded the flight when she was just 2 years old.. Now she knows to tie up seat belts, take pictures from smart phone, identify currencies and find places on map.. I think that’s the best way to learn and no other knowledge in all the books put together can equate what you learn from travel…

      Great to know you have started to enjoy your adventures, for you will only know how good and how far you traveled when you pause and turn around to trace back your footsteps…. All the best 🙂

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