Let’s get to the Point – Again!!

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Well, those of you who missed out on my earlier post and who are not convinced yet with the concept of point and miles, they probably still face the question, what’s the point? If you took your time to download my e-book, you would have realized by now that how simply by changing the way you had spent all your life, you can change the way you could travel, from here on! If not, this post will help you delve further into how you can understand and work on the Miles Programs. Let us get to the point then!

So, What’s the Point Anyway?

To show how all this works, let’s take the example of two solo backpackers Mr. A and Mr. B. Mr.A uses an Airline Miles Program whereas Mr. B prefers to pay upfront for his backpacking trips including flights. Let’s say that both Mr. A and Mr. B are planning a weekend trip from Delhi to Ladakh. Both have a budget of Rs. 20,000/- all-inclusive for this trip. Mr. A has been consistently accumulating 2000 Miles per month through his various essential expenses activities since past 6 months while Mr.B believes that he should set aside Rs. 4000/- every month until the day of the trip for 5 months, apart from his monthly expenses.
Mr. A’s Plan:-

  1. By the 6th month, Mr. A has – 12000 Miles
  2. Miles Needed for this trip – 10000 Miles (Round Trip Pg-5)
  3. Cost of miles – 10000 x Rs.1.5/- = Rs. 15000/-
  4. Mr. A’s total budget becomes – Rs. 20000/- + Rs. 15000/- = Rs. 35000/-

Thus, Mr. A can spend lavishly for his trip without worrying too much about the increase in budgets. He also has paid off for his flight in full, and all his trip budget is available for his stay and enjoyment. Not only does he uses miles for his present trip, he earns miles for his next trip too.

Let’s go to Mr. B now and find out what happens with his budget.

Mr. B’s Plan:-

  1. Mr. B’s budget – Rs. 20,000/-
  2. Flights – Rs. 10000/- (Average flight round trip fares)
  3. Budget available for the rest of the trip – Rs. 10000/-

Thus Mr. B has to squeeze in tightly and review before spending every time he tries to enjoy his vacation. He also ‘spends’ the entire amount, with no returns for his stay for the next vacation. Probably, he will have to reconsider next time he plans his holiday.

The Point Is….

Travel is expensive, and ‘dynamic’. We need to deal with it. But for those who travel regularly, they need to know the way out to keep them going. We do not travel to be bothered about the budgets all the way, all the time. We travel to experience and enjoy the moments through such chaos. Travel is chaotic and has its own moments of uncertainty.

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The point is when it is easier to earn miles when you are not traveling, it boosts up your will to plan your next trip, without struggling to search for more and more choices on the internet, while deep within, we know, we would end paying more one way or the other.

Is Traveling with the Points that Easy?

Traveling on your points is as easy as earning them. And it is fun too. The miles that you earn through your various purchases stay with you for 3 years and expire on a quarterly basis. This means that if you earn points in the first week of January 2016, they do not expire before the end of March 2019.  You have all the time to use your miles for your next vacation before they expire. Here are various other ways your points work for you:-


  1. The Points you earn on your account are inter-convertible. You can use the miles in partner programs.
  2. The Miles stay with you for up to 3 years. That gives you a lot of time to keep earning and accumulating them.
  3. You get more miles for your stays with the hotel partners.
  4. Not only do you earn miles for your present trip but also for the next.
  5. You can also pay partly in cash and partly in miles and enjoy higher travel benefits. This earns more points for your next trip.
  6. You can join all miles programs into single account.

Every time that you earn miles, you can use them for your trips in future.

Stay tuned for the next post where you learn how to set up various Airmiles Accounts. 


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