The Trawellblogger’s Guide to Explore Bali

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Bali is a destination on the bucket list of many, for all the exotica it offers. Especially as the Government of Indonesia has done away with its infamous Airport Taxes, that earlier used to springboard a traveler’s budget, Bali increasingly is drawing eyes from more and more travelers. Here’s the ‘Trawellblogger’s Guide’ on how you can explore Bali on a budget.

Booking your Flights

There are three Indian Airports from where you can plan your flights to Bali. Presently, the only difficulty reaching to Bali is that you need to take a hop either via Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. The most economical option is to take the route from Kolkata. Next favourable option is Chennai as it has flights almost everyday flying via Singapore.

When you book your flights via Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, there are few things that you need to know about the present regulations. This will save you from running into unnecessary Immigration issues while traveling through Malaysia.

  • Recently, the Govt of Malaysia had revised the rules of Immigration for the Indian passengers. As per that, all Indian travelers must have a Transit Visa while traveling through Malaysia, if they do not have a through-fare flight ticket to Bali.
  • In case they have a through-fare flight ticket, but have a wait time of 6 hours or more at the Kuala Lumpur Airport, the Transit Visa is not required.
  • You can receive more information on the transit visa related queries from the following contact nos.
  • Malaysian High Commission: +91-11-24159300

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Staying in Bali

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Seminyak Beach

I decided to stay near the Seminyak area as it was well-connected with the mainstream. Plus, the Seminyak beach was right in the neighbourhood, so it all made sense. The Seminyak area is essentially known for its bustling marketplace, hordes of luxury spas, and a plethora of eating joints. You can literally spend your entire day trying to figure out where to start from.

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Things to do in Bali

Bali is not only about exploring the beaches, but it also an exciting journey through a diverse and rich culture. From gorgeously romantic sea shores to flamboyant rivers, traditional temples to green rice-field carpets, spectacular islands to splendid waterfalls, Bali keeps unfolding one secret after another, even before you are prepared for it. Here’s what all you can do while you explore Bali at its best.

Find out the secrets of the mystical Ubud and Tanah Lot:

explore baliUbud and Tanah Lot are two of the must see sights of Bali. The tour is a combination of sacred temples, ancient art village of Batubulan, monkey forest, traditional marketplaces of Ubud and the mystical elephant caves.

It feels as if you have time-travelled to the ancient world, away from the busy urban life, where there are forests with caves, ancient temples, traditional villages, lush green rice fields, marketplaces, people with traditional dresses, and a slight aroma of the spices and food emanating from the nearby huts.

You only know how good it feels to slow down when everything around you slows down. 

Breathtaking evening at Uluwatu Temple:-

Uluwatu Shores

explore baliThe Uluwatu Temple is another breathtaking journey of the exquisite Balinese coastal sunsets, where nature joins hands with tradition. The scenic sunset forms a splendid backdrop for the Kecak Dance, a form of traditional dance which establishes the subtle connect between the Indian and Balinese traditions and involves grace, elegance, and poise. The dance form depicts the episodes from Ramayana, recited with empowering chants known as the Cak or the monkey chant as the dancers dramatise the events of Ramayana. It only gets more elevating and transcendental as the chanting continues.

Take a rejuvenating break at the Eco Bali Spa:-

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Eco Bali Spa

Nestled in the Seminyak area, the Eco-Bali Spa is a perfect break into luxury after your tiring exploration. You will simply love the ambience and hospitality here. Eco Bali spa is as chic and cozy from outside as it is within and offers a variety of treatments to holistic healing to specific massage treatments such as Balinese, Shiatsu, and Thai.

Escape to the mysterious Turtle Islands:

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The turtle island is a 20 minute cruise from the Tanjung Benoa Beach. As the name suggests, it is home to the various small and large size turtles that forms the main attraction on the island. You can try picking up one of those in your hands and try to make friends with them. Enjoy the company of the toucans as they venture the islands. You will surely love their company.

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Enjoy a candlelight dinner at Jimbaran Beach:-

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The waves are at their perfect pace, the beach is at its festive best and the weather around is just perfect for a candle-light dinner at Jimbaran beach. The Jimbaran beach is on the South Western coast of Bali and is engulfed in a natural bowl, that gives the beach a natural elevation from the shore. The evenings give a perfect setting for that memorable candlelight dinner.

Budgeting your Trip

Since the Government of Bali did away with their Airport Fees of $140 and introduced Free Tourist Visa on Arrival for 30 days through their Airport, which earlier used to cost another $25, it is now way within a budget travellers pocket to travel to Bali.  This is how you can spread out your expenses for a 4N/5D trip to Bali on a budget.

Conversion Rates: $1 = Rs. 67.00

$1 = Rp. 13000.00

Rs.1 = Rp 180 – Rp 200

Sr. NoActivityCost ($)Cost (INR)Remarks
1.Flights$366.00Rs. 24500/-Try purchasing a through-fare ticket for hop flights
2.Hotels (@Rs. 2000/Ni)$119.40Rs. 8000/-Check out the review of Grandmas Seminyak Hotel
3.Food (Avg $20/day)$100.00Rs.6700/-
4.Rent a Bike ($3.90/day)$16.00Rs. 1072/-International Licence required
5.Spa Treatments$8.00Rs. 500/-
6.Activities$35.00Rs. 6700/-Starts @ $35,00.

Check out all activities to do

Total$644.40Rs. 43,174.80/-