Just 28 km from the main Kathmandu city, Nagarkot forms the North Eastern fringe of the Kathmandu valley. Driving further ahead of the Bhaktapur road, the city life is left far behind, the landscape fills in most of the space in the horizon and scene changes completely. Nagarkot hills offer a spell-binding view of the Himalayas, immersing you into its serendipity.

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The Swayambhunath Temple or the ‘Monkey Temple’ is believed to have self-manifested from a lotus flower which formed a part of the lake that spread across the erstwhile Kathmandu valley. Placed on top of a hill, the visit to Swayambhunath Temple blesses one with spectacular panoramic views of the Kathmandu Valley.

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Driving through the busy streets of Kathmandu today, we crossed over the Bagmati river south of Kathmandu city. Traveling for another 20 minutes, we entered a place that suddenly changed in landscape. For a moment, it felt as if we have moved through a time portal from present to past. What surrounded us was an iconic old city that dated back to 300 A.D. Here’s what we discovered walking through the Art City of Patan.

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Mumbai is undoubtedly the crown of the country. Whoever said that “Mumbai does not sleep hungry” is true to its literal sense. Everyday, thousands of dreams wake up and move around the city, and no matter what disasters strike this city, the people never stop dreaming. This is my 24 hours in Mumbai, a journey that inspired me to never stop pursuing my dreams!!

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Kolkata has many things that inspire me. The colonial city might have not been through a rapid transition into a modern city, but it is constantly doing so. Every time that I happen to come here, there is something new that exists since the last time. Today, I am at the City Centre Mall, Salt Lake City; one of the bustling neighbourhoods of the city. I am going to the ‘Wow’ momos to find out why they call them ‘Wow’. So join me in..

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