― Marcel Proust

Traveling always comes with surprises, uncertainties, and often awe-inspiring experiences. As it was rightly said in the Tom Hanks starrer ‘Forrest Gump’– Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get! applies aptly to travel too. You never know what awaits you until you open your arms and reach out for it. Here are 10 inspiring Homestays that will instantly get you onboard in search of creating your own adventurous experience. 

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Data Mining technology or Hadoop is becoming an in-thing within the software companies today. Little do the software companies actually realize how the big data generated by them will backfire on their own life. As the airline systems and air travel companies prepare to get into ‘personalized pricing mode’, the big data will only do more harm than good to the travelers in the coming days. Here’s how

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It is almost eight years since the 26/11 episode when Mumbai went through the worst experiences of its time. Today, things have come to normal, despite the wounds not healed completely. The Gateway of India is crowded with people as always, with travellers flocked in from all parts of the globe, to witness the jewels of Mumbai City. The glimpses of a day spent at the Gateway of India…..

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The concept of travel is undergoing a drastic change. Today, travel is more than just a selfie with a monument in the backdrop. With more and more unique travel experiences posted and shared every day, the way people experience travel has been an eye opener for everyone. The trend of connecting with the place is gradually on the rise, and definitely for the good. HomeStay takes a step further to make it happen, with its unique local experiences. 

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