There is always a distinct charm about traveling to Kolkata, especially the old city. No matter how much the crowd, it is always accommodating one with open arms. So what, that it gets crowded, and people brush across each other through gaps of millicentimeters, yet, people and objects of all sizes and shapes seamlessly fit themselves within the limited spaces of Howrah. My journey to Kolkata took me once again,through these chaotic and contemporary lanes as I tried to find out how Howrah finds its peace through these narrow spaces. 

Moments on the Howrah Bridge

I have been to Howrah several times, but every time, there is something new about the chaos here. The faces, of course, are new, the lanes are new, the chaos is new. The people seem to move endlessly into the infinity of the roads, with purposes purpose unknown to an eager traveler. As for me, despite the new faces, the chaos is quite familiar.

Whenever I travel to Kolkata, I cannot miss being on the Howrah bridge. This is the ‘first wonder’ I saw when I came to know of the word travel; at the age of 3 years when I traveled to Kolkata for the first time. Passing underneath the massive Howrah bridge is one of the most remarkable journeys I took at that time.

The view of Ganges from the Howrah bridge is phenomenal, and simply inescapable. Far off, you can hear the boats honking their sirens as they cruise on the river waters, showing the visitors the glimpses of this historic city. I come here for the view and the breeze, and the sunset, of course.

What Was New This Time

It was great to see that this part of the city is moving rapidly into modernity. Getting down at the Howrah station, this time, I felt it was completely new. The station undergoing renovation, new platforms built and the crowd moving in a better sequence – organized, so to speak.

There was a time when the worst part of moving around the Howrah station was getting through the hordes of taxis. The alternate routes have helped smoothened out the chaos due to vehicular traffic better although the chaos of population still stays intact.

Howrah Station

Source: Shankar S

Also, the ATVM machines installed near the reservation counters were a good surprise, which shortened the queue to a certain extent. I had to buy a return ticket from the general ticket counter to catch a return journey ticket to Nagpur. When I looked at the crowd at the other counters, I realized there was no way I could buy a ticket before an hour. As I approached the counter to buy a ticket, a woman approached me to get me a quick ticket from the window, and she did it quick.An easy way to get around if you are in a hurry, I suppose.

AC Buses in Kolkata

This trip was a sigh of relief when I also experienced the ride on the low floor A.C buses. The buses start from Howrah bus stand and you can experience the beauty of the city at your own comfort. The buses in Kolkata are infamous for overcrowded passengers and delays; however, this is not the case with the latter and delay gets comfortable due to passengers boarding to capacity.


Crossing Park Street at Night


Howrah Bridge Footwalks


Shades of night near Howrah Railway Station
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2 thoughts on “Unwinding memories of Howrah

  1. Howrah Station always has a great significance to the Bengalis. It signifies coming home or going out of the city. It’s nostalgic. The Airport never gives me that feeling…I don’t know why. Glad to have a feedback on the city’s developments… 🙂

    1. Hey Thanks Mani, I remember to have let you know that I am coming to Kolkata, but couldn’t move out of Howrah this time. Got stuck with organizing a Gangtok tour this time. Will keep you posted when I travel again. My apologies….. 🙂

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