Wishing Everyone A Very Happy Diwali

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Happy Diwali, Pack-Ur-Bags, Wishing All A Very Happy Diwali

The Festival Of Lights is here once again and I wanted to wish one and all, a Very Happy and Prosperous Diwali. As for us, we are all set now to touch the coasts of Goa, as promised, to celebrate our Diwali this year. Its been quite some time that I had posted about it and we had been eagerly waiting for this moment to come. Once there, we will bring up the live updates of how you can make the most out of your festive season. Till then, here are few ways to ponder that can make our Diwali better this season and seasons hereafter…

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1. No Crackers, No Pollution

It is high time we stop testing the nature and its ways. This is relevant from the fact that despite stepping into the month of November, we have not yet unpacked our sweaters for this season. The amount of noise, dust and pollution it causes not only affects environment, but also is responsible for the changing environmental cycle.

So this season, instead of using noisy crackers, we intend to restrict to the sparklers for celebrating Diwali. It is noise free, does not create much disturbance to the neighbors and keeps the enjoyment in perspective.

2. Give A Charity

There is a lot that we can share rather than keep only for ourselves. When we share, it grows, and when he keep it for ourselves, things stagnate; until, they become useless for anyone. We had a pile of unused clothing lying in the closet unused for ages and recently, we gave it away to an old age home called the Sneha Sadan in our town. It was nice to see all those smiling faces. This Diwali, consider giving away your unused clothing to people who need it. Trust me, feels good!!

3. Take A Break.. Go Some Place

The right time to break free and take a different course. Try celebrating your festival in a new land among total strangers. World is not as stranger a place as you think and going to a new place is always a refreshing break. So, loosen up yourself, take a break and travel to a place you have not been to before. It will change the way you think..

4. Embrace the Change..Let Go!!

It is better said than done. But if you are looking for an occasion, this is the right one. No matter how bad things have been, it always has a ray of hope and lessons for the future. Let not that what has hurt you stop you from living your life to the fullest. Embrace the change, give yourself a new start, and welcome the joy and the happy moments to your life. Let go, and make way for the good things to come..

Last But Not the least….

Have a great Diwali Season. May your life be filled with all the happiness, joy, cheer and goodwill. May life grant you more happiness and peace than before, and the courage to fulfill your dreams….

Happy Diwali……

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