The ‘Wow’ Momos of Kolkata

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Wow momos

Kolkata has many things that inspire me. The colonial city might have not been through a rapid transition into a modern city, but it is constantly doing so. Every time that I happen to come here, there is something new that exists since the last time. Today, I am at the City Centre Mall, Salt Lake City; one of the bustling neighbourhoods of the city. I am going to the ‘Wow’ momos to find out why they call them ‘Wow’. So join me in..

What’s in a Momo Anyway

Wow momos
An evening at City Centre Kolkata

Well, if you are in Kolkata, you cannot also miss out the traces of the North East Indian states and that of the far-flung neighbouring countries such as Nepal and Bhutan. When we speak of momos, they look deceptive in their first glance. A pale and white looking dumplings may not intrigue you in the beginning. But once the first dumpling lands on your taste buds, your impression changes, instantly. It is that extraordinarily unimaginable taste on the inside wrapped so ordinarily without, that makes eating momos interesting.

I first tried them on my trip to Gangtok, although, I did not completely fell in love with it then. But I definitely discovered something worth trying again when I traveled to the Northeast India. Today, at the City Centre Kolkata, it felt like a quick trip to the past.

What’s with the ‘Wow’ Momos?

Wow momos

A chain of fast food outlets in India, Wow momos have changed the way you can look at them altogether. With Kolkata as its birthplace (Bongs love to eat you see, including myself 🙂 , the Wow momos can be your perfect evening snack, over a Sunday movie.

The Wow Momos outlet here is a compact 40 sq ft stall and serves more than 90 varieties of momos. The crowd is pouring in from all directions here. Come Sundays, the crowd here is almost thrice the usual.

Wow momos
Corn Pan Fried Momos

I am standing in the queue to look up from the large-sized menu placard in front of the store and it seemed intriguing. After skimming over a large and overwhelming menu of momo combinations, I finally decided to try the ‘Corn Pan Fried Momo in Tomato and Garlic Sauce’. 

As I try out one of them, I realize it was all worth the wait. And I am sure you too, won’t wait either. So, while I allow them melt in the mouth, why don’t you go ahead and give it a try. 🙂 🙂

To end, I would say I have definitely found another must try delicacy here in the city apart from the other hordes of favourite street food delicacies – Puchka, Ghugni and Kathi Rolls. So while you land up next in Kolkata, make a vow to get ‘Wowed’… 

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