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What comes to mind at the first instance when you hear about Canada? Miles of frozen hinterlands? A country covered in white carpets of snow. Wait! Don’t start judging yet. As Canada is not a country you can decide about until it opens up its treasured secrets. One such hidden treasures is the lesser known Alberta, a province in Western Canada characterized by rugged mountains, dense coniferous forests, large collection of lakes and rich mineral deposits. Alberta will present you with a countryside that will change your perception about this Canada, forever!

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Best Island Destinations

Another year nears an end soon and it is the time of the year when you are wrapping up for your much-awaited dream trip after toiling all round the year. And why not, you deserve it in the most stylish ways. While you might have started off planning already, why not plan for some island hopping instead. Here’s a list of 7 best island destinations to hop from India this New Year!

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Well, this is as if someone pressed my weakest nerve today by asking about the most passionate journey I want to undertake. There are most journeys that I share with the world but there are definitely some that stay close to my heart because I am strongly and insanely passionate about them.

They say you live the most when you know you are about to die soon. Maybe, because then, you fully know you do not have enough time to run the rat race anymore. It is this moment when a person connects to his deepest passion.

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Vietnam may have slipped off your eyes for one reason or the other, but not too long. With its awe-inspiring ecosystem, serene lakes, untouched shores, serendipitous islands, and years of military history, Vietnam is a country of unique surprises for its travelers. It is an abode to iconic landmarks, historical museums, bustling cities, and majestic Buddhist Pagodas. Get aboard on a cultural trip to Vietnam and find out the best ways you can experience the country in monsoons. 

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luxury beach resorts bali

You might wonder why I am talking about the year-end travel plans so early. Simple! Because I have been planning one that’s why. And as I write this, I realized that the off-season times are the best times to grab your choice of resorts in Bali, especially, when the island gets more tourist friendly by waving off its Visa and airport fees. Here’s a list of 6 Luxury Beach Resorts Bali that will make your year-end holidays even budget-friendly; not before you grab them sooner.

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