1. Its New Year and you want to start off afresh!

New Year is the time to leave the past behind and is an opportunity to look forward to a new beginning. Why not take a break from the mundane and travel to an unknown destination; enter into the New Year in a royal way, on a whole new land. When the start is good, the end will be the best.

  1. You are tired of celebrating the New Year in the same old place:

You have been taking the same route to your office every day. Same routine; Same movie theatre in your neighbourhood and the same favourite restaurant every weekend. Why not break the monotony and try something new!

A new restaurant in the outskirts of the city or a new adventure camp out of town? After all, its New Year, make it new!!

  1. You want to give your family a surprise trip.

Of course! And who does not like surprises. And surprise trips are often the best ones because there is lot of mystery to unfold and that adds to the surprise. Plan a surprise trip this year with your family. They will like it, trust me..

  1. You want to surprise your girlfriend with that wedding ring.

The most special moment of your life requires a perfect timing. In order to connect, you need a perfect setup, a perfect occasion, a perfect mood and some planning. After all, this moment is unlike any other moment and when you live it, everything else should stop. And no perfect occasion than a New Year, right! So, what’s your perfect destination this year??

  1. You are exploring a completely new destination.

Are you a nomad or a leisure traveller? Then start your New Year with travelling to a new destination. Book a ticket for an unknown place, meet completely unknown people and make friends with a completely unknown face. Its time to fill up your travel diary with some new chapters. Start a new story on the New Year.

  1. The latest Cricket World Cup in taking place in your favourite holiday destination.

Live cricket is live cricket and the excitement cannot me matched with the one on TV sets. This year, take a chance and watch your favourite match in a new country. A great excuse for you to see a new destination this New Year.

  1. It is a School Reunion and you cannot afford to miss it.

As the time flies by we often leave everything behind, often the good memories. Life is always good in the company of best pals. This New Year, relive and revive your childhood madness with a school reunion. If there isn’t any scheduled, call up your friends and plan one. It will be a great change and a fabulous start.

  1. Last year, you didn’t travel anywhere.

So last year, you broke your promise of travelling to a new place every year and it has been keeping you upset for some time. Break free this year and keep your inhibitions aside. Take the leap, step out of the house and travel somewhere.

  1. You have not carried flowers for your parents at home.

Work often keeps us away from our home. Parents are often neglected and why not give a moment of your life this New Year to them by giving some fresh flowers for a surprise and wishing them a New Year. Trust me, this is the best surprise you can ever give them at the start of a New Year. They are the ones who expect the little or nothing from us, for all what they give, and your gesture will leave an everlasting smile on their faces.

  1. You have to sign a profitable business deal in another city this year.

A New Year to begin with a new business deal? Why not take a step further and mix it with some travel. How about planning a business trip at a holiday destination? After all, the best ideas come to you when you are at the best of your mood.

  1. Your share values skyrocketed on December 31st  

What if you came to know that your shares have suddenly taken a giant upward leap? And that too on the New Year time. So why not break free and travel to some place to relax and recoup. Why not spend some of the riches you earned for a new start? I know you also want to save and reinvest, but while you do that, which you do throughout the year, why not save some for a memorable journey instead?

  1. You have purchased your new car and its time to test it on a long drive.

So, you finally have your hands on your long awaited machine, and you are eager to test its speed to your heart’s content. Then, plan a long drive out of the city to a tourist spot. Top up the tanks, crank the engine and peddle the accelerator, because its New Year, and it comes only once every year.

  1. You have purchased your first DSLR camera and want to do some photography.

You wanted to purchase that first DSLR after a lot of waiting and you cannot hold back anymore without testing it. Then take that trip to your nearby sanctuary and make the most of your photography trip. Click new memories and add up to the old ones. It’s a new beginning and your memories will not be as faded as before.

  1. Your new book has got international recognition and its time to receive the award.

What will be your reaction if you get a call on the 31st night and someone on the phone tells you that your book has been nominated for an International award. ‘He must be kidding’, you may think. But what if you then put ON your TV set and find that you are all over the news? Surprised isn’t it?

Then why not add this surprise with some enjoyment and celebration by travelling to your dream destination. After all, you have accomplished the most fulfilling moment of your life!! You have all the reasons to celebrate, right!!

  1. You have been appointed by your boss to work with the overseas clients.

Who does not like success and how great it would be if it is coupled up with an opportunity for an overseas travel? And if you get that once in a lifetime chance to do it, then it is worth to trip.

  1. You like to take a break once every year and see a new land.

That would be fantastic if you get to take a break every year and travel to a land of your choice, wouldn’t it be? A New Year can always become a reason for such a travel. New Year is the time when every part of the globe is a happiness mode and it’s the time when every moment is a part of celebration. So, this year, find a new land, break free and explore.. Life is only once and its not worth spending inside a closed room.

  1. You like travelling so much that you enrolled with a travel club.

Are you travelling for every reason but yourself? You keep packing up your stuff every other day to move from one city to another promoting your company, rarely taking out time to explore your life instead.

So, why not become a traveller instead, for a change and explore while you travel around and do your work.

  1. You want to take your parents on a heritage tour.

Had your parents asked you for taking them out on a heritage tour off late? Or have you thought of taking them out instead. Then this is the right occasion to do so. Give them a surprise. Give them a change of place. Take them out on a tour to get refreshed. They have done a lot for us and now its time for you to show how much you care for them.

  1. You want to make a photography collection of the best destinations of the world.

This is the dream of every photographer and if you have chosen to tread along the same path, then the right way to do so is starting with the New Year. Take that camera of yours. Charge it and move out and click as much as you can. Fill up the memory card with unforgettable memories this year and showcase your talent to one and all. This New Year, let not your talent be held up for any reason.. Take the unknown road, and click your own canvas.

  1. You are planning to attend a new festival this year.

A festival is always a welcome change for all, and this year try exploring a new and unknown festival; one that you have never attended before. Learn a new culture. Learn some new words in some unknown language and speak them back to the people of the land. They will feel home and they will open up a bond of friendship you will never have experienced before.

  1. You have planned your wedding on a foreign land.

The much awaited day has finally come and the bride and groom cannot wait any longer for this breath-taking moment when they tie the knot. Why not add a spice to it by enjoying this special moment at a special place with the perfect setup. Afterall, it’s a special moment that is remembered for a lifetime.

  1. It’s been long that you have not gone on a tour with your best friends.

Your friends have been nagging you for quite some time to join you for a tour and you have not been able to commit to them for one reason or the other. Then this is the perfect occasion for a grand celebration. Why are you thinking again and again? Step out, your friends have come for you.. Join them, and take that long awaited journey with your pals.. Enjoy the moment and feel special on a special New Year.

  1. You have won a surprise travel package

You had filled up a crossword contest in the newspaper at the end of December and didn’t know that the winner was supposed to get a travel package. You get a messenger on the doorstep telling you that you have won the contest.

  1. You have been invited to a seminar that can be a life changing experience:

Every person has a passion in life. This passion is what which moves the world, every single day. People get up from their beds and move every day; some are those who have discovered their passion and have taken the daring step to live for it for the rest of their lives while the rest are those in the preparation to break free from what they are doing and get into what they like.

Anything that can be a ‘Life-Changing’ should be pursued with full potential and vigour, because it is your life and you have the full right to change it, even at the cost of sacrifices you make. So, if that seminar can change your life for the good, once and for all, take that leap. Go ahead and accept the change, it’s good to be scared a little, as it helps you to perform better. That means the butterfly in the cocoon is about to come out..

  1. Your antique collection has not been updated for quite some time.

Off late, you have been busy working so much that you have not been able to devote time to your hobby of antique collection. Your friends a bored of seeing the same collection again and again and you are missing out the events and happenings of what you are passionate about. Then this year, revive your passion and get that antique from the place it was long awaited to be brought in. Don’t let that valuable collection escape into someone else’s hand lest you should repent your decision. So, act quick.. the New Year has already begun.

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