Weekend Adventure- Road Tripping Along The Waki Woods

I have been lucky during my childhood to have stayed close to the nature. This is one of the reasons that my favourite places to venture around are close to where I can get a chance to reconnect with nature. When I was young, I used to venture around the places close to Kolar River, with its perennial waters flooding the area almost every season. The best part of the adventures used to be going with the friends along the river side to take a dip in the shallow waters. 

Camp Ready
Camping All the Way
The Kolar River View
The Kolar River View

So, this weekend, my wife and I decided to go camping along the Kolar River to explore the places I used to venture around in my childhood. I always wanted to show her the places I had been to in my childhood, and besides that, I was looking for a break from the mundane schedule.It was a day camp, and when I told my daughter about it, she jumped off her seats. She had been eager to try her hands on our new Camping Set for a long-long time. Somehow the occasion was not coming. But, today, it was ideal as it had drizzled last night, and though today was a bright sunny weather, but the air was cool.

We hit the road at 10:00 am, usually quite late to start off, nonetheless, it was not too late. As a child, I used to travel along the NH-69 everyday, for school. Back then, it would take two hours before I reached school. It kind of sucked traveling to school so far everyday. And so, the most enjoyable moment used to be when the Kolar River would overflow due to heavy rainfall. The buses would avoid crossing over the bridges as the water would flow violently over the bridge and the movement would pause for a day or two. So, there would be no school for the day…For me, this was the time to stroll the routes through the jungles along the river. As I have an itchy feet and do not like sitting at a place for a long time, that was the only best way to make use of the day.

New Looks-NH-69

Today, traveling along the same NH-69 takes only 30 minutes, as a double lane National Highway connects my village with the city. A small diversion to the left along the highway took us to the riverside I had discovered ages back. This was one of the spots where I would come during summers to beat the scorching heat. Not only was it a spot for taking a dip in the river, but also it was a great camping site. Surrounded with teak woods on the either side, it is an ideal site for an outdoor break. When I reached there, I was happy to see that the spot had been improved upon than before. The bridge over the river was strengthened and the river was still the same.

We found a shade under a teak tree and decided to set up the tent here. Right next to the river, the gentle breeze with the shade was a soothing experience. Far away from the hustle of the city, the place still remained surprisingly peaceful and serene. It reminded me of the times I shared here with my friends.

It was a long deserving break with the family as I had not taken a trip with them long time, especially with my daughter Sharbani. She loves to play in the water and she couldn’t help like any other child to go play in the flowing waters. I took her to the shallow end and allowed her to walk on the sands for some time.

Fun Time

Let's play now..She chuckled as she splashed and played around in the water. Much better than taking her to the artificial Water Parks and swimming pools. We decided to come back for some snacks and on the way, she picked up a small conch shell which she kept it as a priced possession.

Today, our children have been equally affected by the digital age where the only way for their enjoyment is digital devices. There is less connection with the nature, lesser outdoors and even lesser resistance to the daily life challenges. This break was a great reconnect with the nature.

Deciding the next destinationAs for my wife Tanima and I, we wanted to decide the next destination for our Diwali Trip. So, we wanted to sit down and decide some of the destinations and there was no better way than this, Off late, we have been spending time designing travel packages, however, we constantly look for the new places and ways for our clients. This time, we wanted to come up with certain new places in India for travelers to explore during this Diwali Season.

It was photography time and one of the great things that my girl has picked up is her knack for photography. She runs her way through the camera controls like cakewalk and amazes me at times. At 5 years, she knows how to align and focus the camera, change the camera settings according to the subject, and make videos. A hobby which we as parents want her to grow upon in future.

It was evening and we had to head back for home. The weekend had been a great experience and we will hit the roads once again, for some more journeys and worthwhile experiences.


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