Hot Air Ballooning in Pench National Park! Are You Kidding Me?

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For most of us, the Pench National Park has been a haven for the tigers and that’s what explains its identity. Imagine, however, you experience meeting the tigers with a bird’s-eye view? Would you not consider it a unique experience then? So, the next time you are at Pench National Park, get set to explore wildlife in a different way altogether! On a hot air balloon instead!

The Tiger Balloon Safari at the Pench Jungle Camp:

Image Source: Imdiamarks

 If hot air ballooning seemed like a distant dream for you, it is not anymore. Combined with the thrill of a Wildlife Safari, the hot air ballooning at Pench National Park offers a serendipitous break from the traditional wildlife tours. The idea of observing nature with a bird’s-eye view can be  fun-filled as well as fascinating.

Image Source: Toftigers

The Pench Jungle Camp provides the hot air ballooning services in a unique and different style. Located in the village Avarghani, 18 kms west of AH-43 highway, the Pench Jungle Camp is equipped with the latest paraphernalia, to explore jungle safari in a way it has never been before- on hot air balloon!

Certified by the DGCA, the Tiger Balloon Safaris eliminate the associated risks of the sport with comprehensive in-flight security measures and compliance to international guidelines. The balloons are handled by licensed commercial pilots and the passengers are covered with insurance.

Image Source: Tiger Balloon Safaris – Google+

Depending upon the weather conditions, the flights are flown either in the early mornings before the first light or three hours prior to sunset. The time in the air is approximately 60-70 minutes.

Reaching Here:

1. By Flight:

  1. From Delhi:

    Flight No. Flight Name From To Time
    6E-621 INDIGO DEL NAG 05:45 – 07:30
    AI-469 AIR INDIA DEL NAG 05:45 – 07:15
    6E-135 INDIGO DEL NAG 10:25 – 12:05
    6E-137 INDIGO DEL NAG 19:35 – 21:15
    AI-469 AIR INDIA DEL NAG 05:45 – 12:05
  2. From Mumbai:

    Flight No. Flight Name From To Time
    G8-142 GO AIR BOM NAG 18:45 – 20:10
    AI-627 AIR INDIA BOM NAG 05:55 – 07:20
    6E-403 INDIGO BOM NAG 15:40 – 17:10
    9W-2165 JET AIRWAYS BOM NAG 14:55 – 16:30
    6E-543 INDIGO BOM NAG 08:35 – 10:00

2. By Road:

Just 101 kms from Nagpur Railway station, the Pench Jungle Camp can be reached by road via NH-7 by traveling along the Central Avenue Road from Nagpur.

3. By Rail:

The nearest railway station to reach the camp is Nagpur Railway Station and the remaining journey needs to be taken by road. Following are the list of trains from some of the major Indian station to reach Nagpur 

  1. From Mumbai:

    Train No. Train Name From Dep Time
    12879 LTT BBS SUP EXP LTT 00:15
    12859 GITANJALI EXP CSTM 06:00
    225111 KARMABHOOMI EXP LTT 11:30
    12139 SEWAGRAM EXP CSTM 15:00
    11401 NANDIGRAM EXP CSTM 16:35
    12105 VIDARBHA EXP CSTM 19:10
  2. From Delhi:

    Train No. Train Name From Dep Time
    18238 CHATTISGARH EXP NZM 04:40
    12626 KERALA  EXP NZM 11:25
    12616 G T EXP NZM 11:30
    12622 TAMIL NADU EXP NZM 22:30
    12722 DAKSHIN EXP NZM 23:00
  3. From Pune:

    Train No. Train Name From Dep Time
    22845 PUNE HATIA SUP PUNE 10:45
    12129 AZAD HIND EXP PUNE 18:25
    11039 MAHARASHTRA EXP PUNE 23:20

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